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The Best iPhone Cases

Protecting and styling your iPhone should come hand in hand. Here are some of our favorite models for your phone. Let us know what's your favorte style!    Marble Classic design: Marble designs were That Girl and they are still going hard. These beautiful designs come with a matchy phone holder that you would love!   Galaxy Inspired Case: The sleek design on these galaxy cases was inspired by the elements of it. Definitely a style that is a favorite.    Rose Gold: lusting over these combo? We have the perfect rose gold marble phone case with golden hues. You will love this design that comes with a matchy phone holder. 

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How to text Better "Tech Hands" and using Phone Poppers!

Now a days we use our phones so much thru out the day that sometimes you can even feel like your hands get achy, you get wrist pain or feel weakness in your hands along with shoulder and neck pain, but have you stop and think that this may be caused by the way we use our mobile devices and tablets? As we all know the lack of movement when we are in an office can be bad for our bodies and can affect our health, we need to move and just have a more active life. The usage of technology at our finger prints is so easy right now that we spend hours and hours on our devices and...

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5 ways you can use Rose Gold as an Accessory!

This slight shade of copper can be combined with a lot of other shades to give you an amazing palette to work with in your own style, not only on clothing but also using accessories.   1. As Headphones Now we headphones come in a number of different styles and colors! You can definitely give your style that little bit of shine with a pair of beautiful rose gold headphones   2.- Rose Gold Watch Not only rose gold tones can be super feminine but also can look amazing on accessories for men, we love this watch that we found on Amazon!   3.- Phone Case Our phones are with us almost 24 hours a day and are definitely an...

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